Why Our Consulting?

शबला सेवा संस्थान

Guiding the farmers’ way towards successful & sustainable farming.

At Shabla Seva Sansthan, we follow a strict “Growth for All” approach. We prioritize the health and well-being of our customers by providing them with 100% authentic and natural herbs and products. These products are free of chemicals & preservatives and are produced by our well-trained and educated farmers.  Our products are made with the utmost care and with the help of the latest technological and innovative inventions in the field of agriculture and natural farming. We help the farmers by providing farming consulting services to them, so that, they are benefited by the right farming practices. 

We bring Shabla Seva Sansthan’s expertise across agriculture to provide farming consulting to improve the cultivation yield of farmers and motivate them to adopt Natural Farming and Agnihotra Farming. We aim at the growth of our farmers and, therefore, are increasingly developing innovative and productive farming techniques and practices that are also environment friendly.

We understand that our farmers are not our employees. Instead, they are our partners. Most of the farmers who are diligently working with us are from the marginalized sections of the society including women and people from the backward castes. We help them in providing fair market wages and empower them by providing educational & training opportunities and thus, enabling them to be self-sufficient & independent.

Our relationships are built on trust, respect, and dignity. Our commitment to our farmers goes beyond the farms. Our goal is to enhance their lives by giving them access to proper healthcare facilities and empowering them through gender equality programs.


In the last three years, we have brought about small yet significant changes in the lives of our farmers and their families in terms of their education, employment, and training and mentorship programs, and we plan to incorporate more in the coming days. We are committed to supporting their economic growth and development by providing them access to various Ayurvedic Companies and domestic as well as international markets.

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farming consulting
farming consulting
farming consulting
farming consulting

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