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The marketing of farming products is an essential and high priority component of the whole Farming process. In India, farming products undergo a series of transfers between different people involved in the entire distribution chain until it reaches the final customer.

In India, due to the changing Government policies and the presence of middlemen in the agricultural system, farmers incur huge losses on their products. For example, many small farmers in India don’t have direct access to the market for many reasons. So, they have to rely on the middlemen to sell their products, and because of which, they suffer heavy losses. 

These middlemen garner a lot of money that could have been made by the farmers instead. Therefore, we want this to end so that the farmers can have a steady income. We, at Shabla Seva Sansthan, help the farmers to market their products directly into the market.

We ensure that they get the right price for the agricultural herbs & products they grow by working hard every day. Not only that, we help farmers to adopt sustainable and environment-friendly cultivation techniques so that they incur fewer costs and gain more profits. By targeting the right market and customers, the farmers can sell their products effectively.

What Farmers Are Saying

Shabla Seva Santhan is delivering our natural farm products to market with full of care. Now we don’t have any tension about market and distribution after joining farmer’s community of Shabla Seva Sansthan.

Kamal Kumar, Uttarakhand

If you are working with Shabla Seva Santhan then no need to take any tension of market and distribution of you farm product.Before joining Shabla Seva Santhan farmer’s community, this was a big problem for me but now this is much easy with help of Dr. Avinash Kumar.

Kunwar Pratap, Himanchal Pradesh

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