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So far, Ayurvedic medicinal companies collect herbs from the forest itself. According to research, it is expected that the medicinal plants and herbs will be extinct from the forests. In order to get a solution to this problem, our organization has started cultivating medicinal plants and herbs with the farmers associated with us, while saving the forest and environment.

Also, our organization help farmers to provide these medicinal plants directly to the pharmaceutical companies. Adopting sustainable and natural cultivation practices will help in saving the medicinal plants from getting extinct along with saving the environment.

Our organization is motivating people to avoid chemical farming and is promoting natural farming in collaboration with the farmers. By adopting natural farming, our farmer brothers are happy.

In this method of farming, the profits earned by the farmers are high & the costs are less. And at the same time, our organization is helping society to become chemical-free. In natural farming, we use cow dung and cow urine to make manure and natural pesticides. We also do natural farming through Yajna.

We bring the agricultural crops produced by the farmers to the consumers; that is, we also provide the market to the agricultural products and herbs cultivated by the farmers.

We cultivate medicinal plants in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal in collaboration with our farmer brothers. About 2000 farmers are directly and indirectly associated with our organization. About 800 acres of land is cultivated under the guidance of our organization.

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What Farmers Are Saying

Dr. Avinash Kumar helped us into decision-making and find abetter opportunity to increase the profitability fromour farm. We are very happy after joining famer’s community of Shabla Seva Santhan.

Sajjan Kumar, Bihar

I believe one of the greatest strengthsof Shabla Seva Santhan is having network like minded individuals. At any situation Dr. Avinash Kumar is able to provide us seeds, natural fertilizers, etc whenever we required.

Prabhat Singh, Madhya Pradesh

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