It is very beneficial to cultivate red ladyfingers, earn 10 million rupees by earning


In this age of modernity, the ways of agriculture are evolving. Farmers have gained success by developing new varieties. Red Okra can prove to be very useful to vegetable growers. The red ladyfinger has been in popularity in European countries and has been imported into India. But now it’s being grown in Purvanchal. Red okra costs on the market range from 400 to 500 rupees per kg. By growing a new variety of red ladyfinger, farmers can make profits by producing excellent produce.

Red ladyfinger is full of nutrients

The red-colored okra is full of anti-oxidants, iron, and some other nutrients, such as calcium. Anti-oxidant components make it beneficial for the protection of the heart. Its consumption can help prevent bad cholesterol. Till now, these ladyfingers was only grown in European countries, but now it will also be cultivated in Purvanchal.

Avinash Kumar, the founder of Shabla Seva Sansthan, produces medicinal plants. In far more than seven states, and over twenty thousand farmers are involved in organic agriculture and the conventional natural cultivation of medicinal plants by joining the institution. Avinash says that he has gathered indigenous seeds of around 114 kinds of vegetables. Some indigenous seeds also had to go to Nepal for storage. The collection of such seeds has become possible after visiting multiple countries of the states. Kiran Yadav, president of the organization, says that the institution will provide seeds free of charge to the producer through the Desi Seed Bank. It will reduce the costs.

How much will an acre cost in farming

The warm and humid climate is thought to be more effective for the ladyfinger. This crop is cultivated in both the summer and the Kharif seasons. Bhendi is sown from February to August. They say that if one acre of red ladyfinger is grown, it will cost approximately ten thousand rupees.

How much can be earned

Avinash says that farmers earn nearly 50 thousand rupees at a cheap price by growing a ladyfinger. If the red lady’s finger is grown, more than 1 lakh rupee can be earned. Since the selling price of a red ladyfinger is greater than that of a green ladyfinger. With all of this, the farmers’ incomes will be higher and the hard work will also seem the same.


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