Medicinal And Aromatic Plants Cultivation

Shabla Seva Sansthan will help you to earn more income from medicinal and aromatic plants cultivation. We will help you to distribute your fertilized crop to market. Before farming, we determine the value of the crop. We will give you all the necessary knowledge to do medicinal and aromatic farming to cultivate easily. From time to time, the organization investigates the growth of the crop in the field to determine whether it is good or not. The cooperation of the organization always remains with you.

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Medicinal Plant Cultivation

Since pre-historic and historical times, medicinal plants, also known as medicinal herbs, are being used in traditional medical practices. Medicinal plant cultivation requires intensive agricultural management. Various species or herbs require multiple cultivating 

standards & requirements of their own. Medicinal plant cultivation can be traditional or use sustainable agricultural practices to conserve natural material and nutrients in the soil, and these practices can also conserve or purify the air.

We will help you to do cultivation for following medicinal plants:

  1. Brahmi
  2. Mandukparni
  3. Tulsi
  4. Haldi
  1. White Conch
  2. Moringa
  3. Bhuai Amla
  4. Vach
  1. Kutki
  2. Koot
  3. Kapoor Kachri
  4. Ashwagandha

Aromatic Plant Cultivation

Aromatic Plant cultivation offers the potential for enhancing the quality of soil as well as the environment. Niche items such as essential oils, pharmaceutical products, pigments, solvents, cosmetics, and biocidal products are derived from such aromatic plants. Cultivation of Aromatic plants gives high returns as it requires low costs to cultivate them. Also, these plants are in great demand as well.

We will help you to do cultivation for the following aromatic plants:

  1. Veteveria
  2. Lemon grass
  3. Matricaria chamomilia
  4. Pamaroja grass

Importance of medicinal and aromatic plants


Medicinal plants have good medicinal properties & can be used for healing or treating many ailments.


Many medicinal plants act as blood purifiers or blood cleansers.


They have antibiotic properties, as well. E.g., Turmeric helps to prevent bacterial production and dangerous microbes. Turmeric is commonly used for treating cuts and wounds as a natural remedy.


These plants are visually appealing as well.


Cultivating these plants require low costs.


Aromatic plants such as peppermint, turmeric & cloves enhance the flavor of the food or meal, by adding a pleasant aroma and taste to it.


These plants have high nutritive values and help in rejuvenating an ailing person.


Certain aromatic plants help in diffusing essential aroma in the atmosphere & also help in repelling the mosquitoes.

What Farmers Are Saying

If you are working with Shabla Seva Santhan then no need to take any tension of market and distribution of your product. Dr. Avinash Kumar is helping us on each and every moment to achieve our targeted goal.

Ramesh Chandra, Andhra Pradesh

Today I am a successful medicinal cultivation farmer with the help of Shabla Seva Sansthan.

Varun Pawar, Maharashtra

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