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Even though the concept of Natural Farming first originated in Japan, But in India, it is being practiced from ancient days. Natural Farming is known as ‘Rishi Kheti’ in India & based on traditional Vedic farming practices such as the use of animal waste (such as Indian desi cow’s cow dung and cow urine) and herbal juices to combat pests and promote plant growth.

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Natural Farming

A farmer can cultivate farming on 30 acres of land from Indian desi cow dung and cow urine. Shabla Amrit, Shabla Ghan Amrit, and Shabla Bija Amrit are made from indigenous species cow dung and urine. By utilizing them in the field, the nutrients in the soil along with biological activity are expanded. Shabla Amrit can be sprayed once or twice a month in the field. However, Shabla bija Amrit is used to treat seeds. Farmers who cultivate this method do not have to buy any type of manure and pesticide chemicals from the market. 

For irrigation of crops, water and electricity also cost only ten percent of the current farming. The resources that should be taken to grow crops in natural farming are present in adequate amounts in the environment near the leaves and near their roots in the land, no need to give anything more. Because our land is Annapurna. How many elements our crops take from the land? Only 1.5 to 2.0 percent they take. The remaining 98 to 98.5 %, they take from sunlight and water.

Benefits of Natural Farming

As compared to other agricultural systems, manual labor and manual work can be greatly decreased with this type of Farming.

With Natural Farming, you can obtain crop yields similar to and sometimes, greater than yields obtained by chemical farming.

The soil fertility increases every year in this type of Farming.

The water requirement is less in this type of Farming.

States which are practicing Natural Farming


Uttar Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh




The main idea of Natural Farming is to allow nature to play a central role as far as possible. The farmer is only regarded as a coordinator in it, and the actual job is accomplished by nature by utilizing the balanced ecosystem of nature itself.

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What Farmers Are Saying

Natural farming helped us to increase the profitability from our farm compare to other farming. Shabla Seva Santhan is helping us from last 4 years to improve way of our farming.

Sunil Sharma, Uttar Pradesh

Dr. Avinash Kumar from Shabla Seva Santhan is taking full responsibility to market our natural farm products. He is also helping us to manage natural farming with other farming.

Ajit Kushwaha, Madhya Pradesh

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