Kalanamak Rice


(Also known as Black Salt Rice)
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Evidence of black salt rice is found in Lord Buddha’s kitchen. It is a religious belief that after attaining enlightenment, when Lord Buddha first came to Kapilavastu, the villagers asked him for prasad. Lord Buddha took out some paddy from his bag, gave it to the villagers, and also said that its fragrance would remind you of me. Lord Buddha ate Kalanamak rice pudding after fasting on Buddha Purnima. The Chinese traveler of that time, Fahyan, also mentioned Kalanamak rice in his records.

Benefits of Kalanamak Rice-

According to research, Kalanamak Rice has more zinc and iron than the prevalent rice species. Zinc is useful for the brain and iron in anemia. The glycemic index of Kalanamak rice is also slightly lower than the rest of the rice. Due to the lower amount of amylase than basmati, Kalanamak rice becomes soft after cooking.

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