Six schemes adopted that would reduce food waste, benefit farmers


1. Mega Food Parks

The scheme objectives to connect agricultural production to markets through a strategy, which is implemented by the SPV. It encourages the development of infrastructure to establish modern food processing units in the park and to connect them with a well-established supply chain. The scheme offers a capital grant of 50-75 percent, subject to a total of $7.15 million for each project. Till March 2019, 42 such parks were under different implementation stages.

2. Cold Chain, Value Addition & Preservation Infra

The scheme aims to provide integrated cold chain and preservation infrastructure facilities along the entire supply chain of food processing. It covers Minimal Processing Centre having weighing, sorting, grading, packing, storage and quick freezing facilities. Grant-in-aid, up to a maximum of $1.43 Mn, is provided for 35% – 50% storage infrastructure and transport infrastructure and 50-75% value addition and processing infrastructure. Until March 2019, 299 approved cold chain projects were under various stages of implementation.

3. Creation of Food Processing & Preservation Capacities

The purpose of the scheme is to provide an integrated cold chain and maintenance facilities with the complete food processing supply chain. This covers the Minimal Processing Centre, which has a weighing, sorting, grading, packing, storing, and rapid freezing facility. Grant-in-aid, up to a limit of $1.43 million, is given for 35 percent – 50 percent of storage facilities and transportation infrastructure and 50-75 percent of value-added and infrastructure processing. Until March 2019, 299 authorized cold chain projects were under different implementation stages.

4. Creation of Backward & Forward Linkages

The objective of the scheme is to build and modernize processing and maintenance capacities by raising the level of processing and adding value, which leads to reducing waste. Under the scheme, a capital grant of 35-50 percent, subject to a total of $0.71 million for each project is given 8 Until December 2018, 134 projects were authorized.

5. Food Safety & Quality Assurance Infra

The scheme goals to make the food and agro-processing sector of India, which have a competitive edge on the market by developing a security and quality assurance infrastructure. Under this scheme, the Government offers financial support of 50-70 percent for laboratory equipment costs and 25-33 percent for civil work, and 50-75 percent compensation for HACCP/ISO Standards/Food Safety/Quality Management Solutions. Until November 2018, 76 Food Testing laboratories were established under the scheme.

6. Agro Processing Cluster

The scheme objectives at a cluster approach relying on the construction of modern infrastructure and basic facilities to promote an entrepreneurs community to set up food processing units. The scheme offers 35-50 percent of qualified project costs, up to a limit of $1.43 million per project. Until December 2018, 33 projects have been authorized under this scheme.

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