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Agricultural work is a very important task; hence the farmer is called Annadata. All businesses are based on agricultural products and agriculture is the backbone of our economy. But at present the farmer is desperate, distressed and unhappy. Due to the vicious cycle of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, there is a decline in the fertility of the land and it is on the path of wastage. The rising cost of harmful chemical fertilizers is also making it difficult for farmers to sustain.

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Agnihotra Farming

These harmful & poisonous chemical fertilizers and pesticides harm not only human beings but also the environment. Vedic Farming techniques are based on life energy science. Today it is necessary to cultivate such crops which give money & satisfaction and to do good deeds.

According to a survey, 2000 types of flora and fauna every year are vanishing from earth. According to statistics, uncontrolled deforestation & usage of chemical fertilizers has made 40 percent of the land unsuitable for agriculture. In the next five years, one-third of the earth’s land is estimated to be ineligible for agriculture.

Agnihotra agriculture is also known as Vedic agriculture. We have an ancient tradition of making the pious fire to sanctify the atmosphere. Agnihotra Yagna means the process of purifying the house and the atmosphere by fire. Through this process, the atmosphere becomes pure with nature’s natural powers, astrological combinations, and mantra power. The high powered cosmic energy is obtained from the sun and the moon & can be absorbed in a better manner. This process controls the Earth’s energy cycle in a way by which it flows for the welfare of the human beings according to nature.

To face these polluting conditions, the Vedas have given ‘Agnihotra’ and has landed scientific criteria in today’s circumstances. Its conduct not only cleanses the body and environment, but also prevents dangerous diseases like heart disease, asthma, tuberculosis and mental stress.

Essential contents for Vedic Farming :-

The pyramid of a specific size of copper.

Thin subdivision made from cow dung

Cow’s Ghee

Benefits of Vedic Farming :-

Whole Araba rice (white) without polish

Sunrise and sunset time

Holocaust with specific mantras

Following four gases from Agnihotra have been identified:

Ethylene oxide

Propilene oxide


Bita lecton

After sacrifice, cow ghee produces synthetic formation. This is the power of the acetylene intense heat that cleans the polluted air.

Vedic Agriculture makes the environment pure and enriching so that it is possible to get the trees, plants and crops free of rage and pour the fire of Agnihotra into the land, where the water holding of the plants and the holding capacity of the elements is enhanced.


 Dr. RK Pathak, former director and agricultural scientist, former Advisor and Agriculture Scientist, Government of the Union sub-horticulture horticulture, said that the special type of energy is preserved from the sun and moon from Agnihotra, which impairs the mint, filled with various elements and protects and regulates the health of tree plants. The vibration from the mantra is also very beneficial.

Successful use of Vedic agriculture is being done by Avinash Ji, founder of Shabla Seva Sansthan. Vedic Agriculture is being used in 71 countries of the world including Austria, Australia, Peru, Argentina, Germany and Poland. There has been extensive research on this agriculture in our country as well.

What Farmers Are Saying

Before joining Shabla Seva Santhan farmer’s community, we don’t know that anyone can earn from farming Tulsi, etc. But now I am doing a full fledged Tulsi, Kaunch, etc farming.

Fulchand, Jharkhand

Vedic farming is one of the addition in our regular crops farming. Dr. Avinash Kumar from Shabla Seva Santhan trained us about how to do different types of farming.

Ramesh Yadav, Uttar Pradesh

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