White Sandalwood

& other plant Cultivation

White sandalwood cultivation & other plant cultivation is a good option for long term investment purposes as it is one of the most expensive woods. You can earn crores of rupees in 12 to 15 years by investing only thousands of rupees for sandalwood farming in one acre of land. Also, you can contribute to the balance of the green environment. White sandalwood cultivation requires less water.

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The sandalwood trees are thick, green, and grained, and they preserve their scent for years, unlike other aromatic plants. These trees are highly valued across the world. Sandalwood is considered to be highly sacred in India. It is used to worship many Gods in India. The tree’s wood is turned into a paste using sandalwood powder, and then this paste is vital to customs and rituals, manufacturing the religious utensils, decorating the deity’s idols, and soothing the subconscious mind during prayer and meditation.

Indian white sandalwood demand is highest in the world. We also provide you a market to sell white sandalwood. Also, we give you all the necessary knowledge for the white sandalwood cultivation.

Benefits of Sandalwood

 The paste and oil made from Sandalwood act as an anti-inflammatory agent.

 Sandalwood is used in making scented soaps and perfumes.

Oils made from sandalwood are used as an agent for relieving stress and hypertension.

Sandalwood has great anti-septic properties.

Alongwith White Sandalwood Cultivation, you can cultivate the following plants as well with the help of Shabla Seva Sansthan:

Sandalwood is beneficial for skin & helps in treating skin infections.

It helps in keeping blood pressure levels under control.

Sandalwood is used as a key agent in various religious rituals of India.

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We have years of experience and provide reliable advising and consultation services to the farmers, so that, they are benefitted from the cultivation of White sandalwood and other plants. Also, we advise farmers to use natural fertilizers and biodynamic agricultural practices for their cultivation, which are good for the environment as well.

What Farmers Are Saying

I shown my interest for White Sandalwood Cultivation to Dr. Avinash Kumar from Shabla Seva Santhan. He helped with full support from organization to establish White Sandalwood Cultivation.

Somchand Misra, Rajasthan

Shable Seva Santhan and Dr. Avinash Kumar helped us to get out of our bad financial situation. Now we are enjoying our life as farmer with Natural Farming solutions from Shabla Seva Santhan.

Rupesh Paswan, Bihar

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